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Printed and mailed to 12,000 independent gift stores across Canada every quarter, InStore is Canada's only magazine for gift, home décor and lifestyle retailers and wholesalers.


The magazine was founded in 2014 by industry veteran Erica Kirkland who personally leads a team of writers, photographers, stylists and experts dedicated to creating a professional quarterly publication that inspires and excites independent retailers of gifts and home décor in Canada, while serving as the owner and editor of Giftbeat, a monthly publication for independent retailers in the United States. 

Erica has been an in-demand and award-winning editor and stylist for both business-to-business and consumer magazines in the gift and home markets since the late 1990s. She knows the industry through and through, and understands what it takes to build a successful brand from the ground up - as witnessed by the birth and growth of her independently-owned magazine for independent boutique owners.

Erica has successfully led the brand through the roughest batches of the crazy Covid pandemic by focusing on what she does best - creating content that engages with store owners. Like other business owners, the ride has been rough, but we've come out the other side as a robust healthy publication with an active audience of 12,000 unique stores.

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Erica Kirkland
Publisher & Editor, InStore Magazine Inc.

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