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Reader Survey Results

In April 2023, InStore polled its 12,000 retail readers. Here's what they had to say!

* 88% read InStore magazine on a regular basis
* 87% classify themselves as “loyal” readers 

Loyal Readers = Captive Audience

* 87% visit an advertiser’s website 

* 61% purchase product(s) 

*48% contact an advertiser for more information

Engaged Readers Take Action

"I devour InStore from cover to cover seeking inspiration, trends, vendors and, most importantly, business guidance."

Kate Seaver, Kate's Garden

"I honestly can't tell you how informative InStore is for stock ideas, new suppliers & the info in the articles. 

Cindy Vanderstar, Cashmere & Cobwebs 

"Love and look forward to receiving the new editions. Thanks for all your hard work! 

Judy Ideson, West Parry Sound Health Care Auxiliary

" I look to InStore to see what's trending - colours, type of product, styles, etc." - 

 Wendy MacDonald, John Abbott College Campus Store

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