News & Notes

Advent Calendars for Adults and Dogs 

Shaped like a dog house, the Dog Treat Advent Calendar from Falvia Creation includes one
treat-dispensing toy and 23 organic dog treats. It retails for $39.95. The Fly Fishing Advent
Calendar looks like a fishing lure box and includes a waterproof fly box and 23 lures. It retails
for $69. The calendars are distributed by Old Country Designs, 888-212-2110,

Charming Scents

Customers can now accessorize and scent their car with Yankee Candle’s new Charming Scents
collections. The starter kits include a bangle, locket and charm retailing for $12.99 while the
scent refills retail for $6.99. A variety of themed kits and scents are available.
David Youngson & Associates, 800-370-4857,

Advent Calendar Kits

Progress Luv2Pak is introducing a variety of do-it-yourself advent calendars for the 2018
holiday season. Among the items on offer are the Advent Box with 24 drawers and Magnetic
Gift Boxes designed to hold six and 12 mini tins. The airtight tins feature twist tops and
windows. They’re also food-grade and fit in both the Advent Box and magnetic boxes.

Perfume Your Soul

This new collection from Barefoot Venus includes 400-gram Mineral & Detox Soaks made from
Himalayan pink sea salts. Available in four fragrances – Lemon Freckle, Pink Pepper, Lavender
Smoke and Black Coconut, the units retail for $25 each. 888-490-1756,